J20 prosecutions end in defeat as government files motion to dismiss all remaining cases

The 6th of July, 2018 will forever be known to some as "V-J20 day," the day prosecutors threw in the towel and filed a motion to dismiss all remaining charges stemming from Trump's Inauguration without prejudice. Defeated by two juries and judicial sanctions for willfully hiding exculpatory evidences, prosecutors have finally given up and Disrupt J20 has won.

J20 of course is not entirely over. A massive civil case is pending for the unlawful mass arrest, just like the Becker and Pershing Park cases that cost the DC government millions of dollars in settlements. Also, by the time this was over, the prosecution found they had skin in the "game" themselves. Prosecutors and expecially Jennifer Kerkhoff are hoping a "motion to reconsider" judicial sanctions for the Brady violation can protect them from sanctions against their law licenses such as suspension or worse. Jennifer Kerkhoff ought never to be able to practice law again after what she did. There's just something about getting caught cheating in court...

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