Secret Service clears street in front of White House over one protester w bullhorn

Video-police clear Penn Ave in reponse to single protester with bullhorn after dark

As the 4th evening in a row of Occupy Lafayette Park protests was winding down, a single protester with a bullhorn stepped up near the sidewalk in front of the White House fence. She loudly called out the stupidity and the cruelty of racist Donald Trump The response of Secret Service was to clear Penn Ave

As the woman hammering Trump for stupidity spoke , other protesters from the earlier rally took up positions to provide a defensive security presence around her. Shortly therafter came the whistles and demands that everyone present, tourists included, retreat to Lafayette Park or else. She backed up slowly, continuing her speech until it was done. In the end, the other protesters started back up, loudly chanting anti-Trump slogans from the Lafayette Park sidewalk.

This is all it takes to make Secret Service shut down Penn Ave

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