Harry's Restaurant hosts afterparty for Trump/MAGAt "Mother of all rallies" second year in a row

Video of the scene outside Harry's Bar

The sign in front of the bar at Harry's Restaurant in DC reads "Harry's Bar." In both 2017 and 2018, this bar hosted the afterparty for the Trump/MAGAt/Fascist "Mother of All Rallies." Like last year, total attendance at the MOAR was very sparse, but violent fascists were present. Last year it was "Based Stickman," this year Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer was on the speaker's list and the Proud Boys showed up this year.

Harry's Bar ought not to be permitting violent fascists to patronize their establishment. It looked like most of the MOAR attendees were at the afterparty, unknown if a rough-looking bunch by the 11th st entrance were with the violent "Proud Boys" or not. They may have been selected as the afterparty location both because they are "Americana" themed and because the MOAR's afterparty was expelled from the Capital City Brewery last year.

The scene outside Harry's Bar (part of Harry's restaurant)

The violent "Proud Boys" were at the MOAR, showing organizer's claims that the "violent alt-right" was not welcome may not have been for real

Probable right-wing toughs outside Harry's Restaurant's 11th st entrance

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