Thousands march on Supreme Court for Christine Ford, 1st st NE blocked, over 50 arrests

Update Sep 28: Sen Judiciary committee votes 11-10 to move forward on nomination, but delay floor vote one week for FBI investigation of sexual assault charges.

Video Sep 28: Survivers confront Sen Jeff Flake in elevator

Video of the Sep 27 march and civil disobedience

On the 27th of September, thousands of protesters including survivers of sexual assault gathered in front of the US Capitol and marched on the Supreme Court. Once there, some of them blockaded 1st st NE, leading to well over 50 arrests. Another protests in solidarity with Christine Ford's courageous testimony against Brett Kavanaugh took place inside the Hart Senate Office Building.

As of the end of the day, the DC'ist reports 59 arrests outside the Supreme Court.

Despite the shocking testimony of Dr Christine Ford (who reported fearing Kavanaugh would kill her by accident with that choking hand), the Senate still scheduled a committee vote to approve or reject Brett Kavanaugh for the very next day, September 28. As this is written, unless Jeff Flake or another GOP Senator changes his vote to NO, the Senate floor vote may take place as soon as Saturday, the 29th of September.

Clearly the GOP leadership and Donald Trump are trying to ram this nomination through while they still can. They don't care how many people Brett Kavanaugh raped or tried to rape, just as they don't care how many surviver's voices they have to disrespect and witch-hunt into silence.

GOP must silence sexual assault survivers to ram Kavanaugh's nomination through before the opposition gets to hot to handle

This sort of thing is not new for Trump's crew

Marching up Constitution Ave towards the Supreme Court

The crowd outside the US Supreme Court

The roadblock on 1st st NE

Protesters inside the Hart Senate Office Building

Friday, Sep 28: protests continue at US Supreme Court as Senate Judiciary Committee votes to move forward but delay floor vote one week to allow FBI investigation. Earlier, some of the Democrats walked out of the hearing before returning for the vote.(photo by Andrew Siff)

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