#MeToo protest at US Supreme Court calls out KKKavanaugh

Video-Senator Jeff Merkley calls out Kavanaugh for aggression towards women, lying to the US Senate

On the evening of Oct 3, the night before the big Women's March mobilization against Brett Kavanaugh, hundreds gathered outside the US Supreme Court. Speaker after speaker called out Kavanaugh for everything from alcohol abuse to sexual abuse, to lying to the US Senate under oath. The keynote speakers were several rape survivers, plus Senator Merkley(D-OR) and Nancy Pelosi.

On September 26th, Senator Merkley filed for an injunction in Federal court to prevent the Senate from voting on confirming Brett Kavanaugh. The grounds for the injunction was that the Trump administration has obstructed the Senate's constitutional "advise and consent" role in reviewing SCOTUS nominees by denying the Senate access to so many documents concerning his behavior during the days of George W Bush. On Oct 2, the Senator filed for a court order to disclose these documents. At the protest, he called out Brett Kavanaugh for abusing women, and then flatly stated that Kavanaugh has been lying to the US Senate throughout the confirmation process and is thus disqualified from ever sitting at the US Supreme Court.

You may ask why a "hard Antifa" videographer like myself would spend hours working on on this story and the included video, but when I say "every tool in the toolbox" that's exactly what I mean. In this case, if Senator Merkley can change just ONE GOP VOTE by emphasizing that Kavanaugh and his supporters have lied to the US Senate(and thus the GOP Senators too), that could sink the nomination and keep "KKKavanaugh" off the Supreme Court.

If Kavanaugh's nomination loses by even one vote, that could save decades of bitter street fighting against bans on abortion, unwanted medical treatment being forced on people with disabilities, healthcare only for the wealthy, police assistance for union busting corporations, and so much more. It is said that Hitler was elected by one vote, changing that vote could have prevented WWII. This, every tool in the toolbox includes this one, and diversity of tactics cuts in both directions.

Senator Merkley speaking

Nancy Pelosi speaking

The protest continued well after dark

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