#CancelKavanaugh: Womens March marches on Supreme Court, Occupies Hart Building

Video of the march and the civil disobedience 3 min 22 sec

On the 4th of October, the Women's March and other groups bussed in protesters from all over the US for a massive march from Brett Kavanaugh's current place of work at the Federal Courthouse (333 Const Ave) to the US Supreme Court. Plans to hold a massive sit-in on the Capitol steps were hampered by Capitol police blocking access to the entire building, so protesters took over the Hart building atrium after the rally instead.

As of 9PM EDT, TV news outlets are reporting in excess of 300 arrests, presumably most of them in the Hart and possibly other Senate office buildings. The Senate as of now plans a preliminary vote on confirming Kavanaugh on Friday, Oct 5 with a possible final vote as early as Saturday, Oct 6.

The FBI's investigation of Kavanaugh as expected has found nothing. The White House probably limited who they were allowed to interview, and they were given only 5 days. Many DC activists have been the subject of far, far more investigative resources on the part of the FBI than were ever dedicated to investigating Brett Kavanaugh's record of sexual misconduct. Even his beer-soaked drinking habits were apparently off-limits. This in spite of the fact that most or all of the attempted rape allegations against Kavanaugh concern his conduct while drunk, and Dr Christine Ford reports the only thing that prevented her from being raped outright was that Kavanaugh was so drunk he fell off the bed. She reports that gave her the opening she needed to escape the house.

Protesters including many sexual assault survivors at the US Supreme Court

Protesters in the Hart building Atrium and on the balconies

Closer photo of multi-floor protest in the Hart building

Photo by Linda Sarsour of civil disobedience in the Hart Building

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