Beyond Extreme Energy Disrupts McNamee (FERC Commissioner) Confirmation Hearing!

On the morning of Nov 15, Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) successfully disrupted a Senate confirmation hearing for Trump's FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) nominee Bernard McNamee, a notorious climate change denier. Three BXE activists were arrested as a result of this direct action.

Beyond Exteme Energy has posted the report below:

Early this morning we disrupted the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing for FERC nominee Bernard McNamee. McNamee is a long time energy industry insider and climate denier. He has worked as a lawyer for energy companies, the energy spokesperson for the conservative think tank the Texas Public Policy Foundation (funded by Exxon-Mobil and Chevron), and the energy advisor for Ted Cruz. Last summer he was instrumental in drafting policy with Rick Perry to subsidize the ailing nuclear and coal industries, a move that even FERC unanimously rejected 5-0. By putting McNamee directly in FERC- Trump seeks to politicize the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission instead of maintaining its place as an independent government agency.

A BXE activist stood up during the hearing, interrupting McNamee as he gave his personal introduction to say ““Members of the committee, I have to object to this nominee. I ask you to think about conflict of interest and what a terrible example this nominee is with all his connections to fossil fuel industries.” As he was removed from the hearing room he continued: “Think about all the victims of eminent domain, and the refugees and those killed by the fires and hurricanes. Vote NO ON MCNAMEE.”

Two additional BXE members stood and held a banner reading “Vote No On McNamee!” All three were taken out of the hearing and arrested. As of this time, all members are out of jail but the fight against McNamee is not over! The Energy and Natural Resources Committee will be meeting to vote soon after Thanksgiving. Senator Murkowski (AK) has stated that the decision will go before the full Senate in December. We must stop McNamee from joining FERC!

Right now FERC has four commissioners, two Democrats and two Republicans. In the past that didn’t make any difference; all commissioners voted to rubber-stamp proposed new gas pipelines and infrastructure. But for the last year things have changed. The two Democrats, Richard Glick in particular, have often voted against these proposals. We’d like to keep things as they are until Congress investigates FERC’s abuses of people’s rights, the environment and the law and takes action to change that reality.

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