Mother of three facing deportation takes sanctuary from ICE in local church

On the 11th of December, Rosa Gutierrez refused a demand from ICE to self-deport, instead taking sanctuary in Cedar Lane Church in Bethesda, MD. Rosa has three children and has cited concern for their welfare as her reason for defying ICE's demand to leave the US. For years she put up with an ankle monitor and repeated ICE checkins, only to ICE demand that she leave anyway.

At high noon on the 12th of December, her supporters held a public press conference at the church

Had she been from Norway instead of El Salvador, Donald Trump would probably have invited her to stay. Trump once asked why the US can't "have" immigrants from countries such as Norway instead of places like Africa and Central America. That question from Donald Trump shows that the agenda of Trump and of ICE really is "Make America White Again."

Rosa's supporters are posting updates on Twitter at

Photo by SanctuaryDMV

Forming a circle of sanctuary around Rosa at the conclusion of the press conference (Photo by Sanctuary DMV)

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