DC Bike Party holds final 2018 ride, rides past #KremlinAnnex impeachment protest

Video of the ride featuring the KremlinAnnex ride by 1 min 18 sec

On the 12th of December, the DC Bike Party held their final ride of the year. On the route was H Street NW, so when the Secret Service closed Lafayette Park, the Kremlin Annex impeachment protest was right next to H st, bringing cheers from riders and the sidewalk as the ride went by.

The DC Bike Parties normally leave Dupont Circle at 8PM on the second Wed of the month April through December, though some rides (notably for Catharsis) are on special dates. Also, a March "Organizer's Ride" started the 2018 season that just wrapped up.

Speaking of the Kremlin Annex protests the route passed, a report has emerged on Twitter that Trump has asked the Secret Service to stop those protests, only to have even the Secret Service refuse on First Amendment grounds. The wheels are coming off the Trump Train, and seemingly everyone else in the US government is hedging their bets.

Bikes lit up for the night

The #Kremlin Annex protest as seen from the Bike Party

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