People for Fairness Coalition marches coffin to City Hall to remember 54 who died in 2018

Video-marching a coffin to City Hall for 54 fallen homeless folks in pouring rain

On the 20th of December,the People for Fairness Coalition carried a casket from a church near Logan Circle to Freedom Plaza in front of the Wilson Building(city hall) to remember 54 homeless people who died on the streets of DC this past year.

As the march was being set in order outside the church, a white rider on a rental scooter yelled insults and "fuck you" at the march. He did this even though a protest is no obstruction to the smartphone app rental scooters popular with DC yuppies, and he was riding in the other direction.

Heavy rains fell on the march, but if it was dry enough for anyone to sleep outside it was dry enough to march. At Freedom Plaza, marchers piled into a tent for the evening, holding down an overnight vigil for the homeless on the longest night of the year. The next morning (Dec 21), participants in the march and vigil held a "walk-through" in the Wilson Building to familarize participants with the nuts and bolts of lobbying for more money for homeless services.

Iit is worth noting that if DC spends as much money on a new stadium for the Washington Football team as they spent on the Nationals baseball stadium ($750 million), it will cost as much money as housing every one of the estimated 7,500 folks sleeping outside or in shelters in $4,000 a month luxury condos for 25 months, just over two years. Meanwhile the Washington Football Team can play in the parks.

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