March for TPS Justice tears down mock wall at Trump Hotel, marches on Capitol Hill

Video featuring tearing down the mock wall at Trump Hotel 2 min 42 sec

On the 12th of Feb, migrants holding Temporary Protected Status backed by a massive crowd of supporters marched from the White House to Capitol Hill to demand legal permanent residency. The march stopped at Trump Hotel, where a mock wall banner emblazoned "No Borders on Stolen Land" was set up, then torn to pieces in symbolic demolition of Trump's wall.

Cold and sometimes heavy winter rains had seemingly NO ability to deter or drive off this protest against ICE! Trump and the alt-right can call progressives "snowflakes" all they want, but no amount of cold and rain seemed to be able to melt protester's resolve. Better ice in one's clothes than ICE in the streets!

Trump has unilaterally cancelled TPS status for holders of it from six of ten countries, meaning if they can't get permanent residency (green card) status or another legal status they must choose between paying to return to still-dangerous home towns, submitting to arrest and deportation but at least at US government expense, or refusing to surrender and going underground as so many have had to do before.

The Washington Post reports that two days prior to the protest, a group of immigrants from Honduras and Nepal sued the Trump administration charging that cancellation of TPS for their countries was motivated by racism. Their lawsuit may well prevail, given the widespread realization that Trump's #1 campaign promise in effect was to "Make America White Again."

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This mock wall at Trump Hotel was torn to bits by the crowd, just as Congress needs to tear up his demands for wall money

The view from inside the arches of Trump Hotel

Longer view from the arches of Trump Hotel

Starting point at the White House

The march departs

The march filling a good part of Penn Ave

No to Trump's inhuman family separation!

Passing the US Capitol en route to a park outside the Russel Building

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