Extinction Rebellion holds second "Freaky Fridays" rally at Suntrust Plaza

On Friday, the 22nd of February, DC's Extinction Rebellion chapter held their second "Freaky Fridays" protest about extreme climate chaos and resulting extinctions in a row. This time around, the chosen site was Suntrust Plaza at the intersection of 18th st and Columbia Road. This was picked both to call out Suntrust for their role in funding fossil fuels and because the area is very busy on a Friday night.

While DC's Extinction Rebellion chapter is relatively small, Extinction Rebellion has become a major force in Europe, carrying out such actions as a simultanious blockade of five bridges in London at the same time on Nov 17, 2018. That protest in London was reported to involve over 6,000 participants and to have let to 85 arrests. At least 35 countries now have an Extinction Rebellion presence.

Here in the US much energy is spent on the overwhelming strategic battle against Trump and outright fascism. Trump and his corporate cronies in multiple Federal agencies are entirely blocking any governmental action on fossil fuels except at the state and local level. Worse, they are continuing to promote eminent domain for everything from pipelines to Trump's fascist and racist border wall. DC's Extinction Rebellion chapter has explicitly contrasted the real climate emergency to Trump's "fake emergency" on the US-Mexico border.

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