Alexandria jail REFUSES to allow Code Pink to visit Chelsea Manning

Video: Jail refuses to allow Code Pink to visit 3 min 3 sec

On the 9th of March, Code Pink tried to visit Chelsea Manning at the Alexandria, VA "Adult Detention Center" at 2001 Mill Road near the Eisenhower Ave Metro station. Guards claimed she could not have ANY visitors until she was "fully processed in" up to 72 hours later. There is a good chance this is a lie, as it was not the policy at the nearby Arlington County Jail in Feb 2017.

This could well be a deliberate attempt by the thugs holding Chelsea to break her morale by holding her incommunicado as long as they can. Protesters were told Chelsea is in "a cell on her own" potentially implying solitary confinement. When asked where she is going next the guards said "that's classified." When asked is she being treated well, they said "we treat everyone here well" which of course is a total lie in any jail or prison.

News2Share photo of Code Pink outside the jail where Chelsea Manning is being in effect held hostage for testimony she is refusing to give.

John Zangas photo of same scene

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