Protest against NATO, US intervention in Venezuala marches on IMF and World Bank

Video: marching on the IMF and World Bank 2 min 35 sec

On the 30th of March, a protest against NATO and against US intervention in Venezuala marched from the White House to the IMF and World Bank, two weeks before the 2019 Spring Meetings.

The march stopped at the IMF and World Bank to demand they get their hands off a number of named countries before continuing south to circle the White House and end up back in Lafayette Park.

At the rally prior to the march, a number of MAGA-hatted far-right journalists and heckers were present, one of whom repeated the oft-used falsehood claiming the author of this story is "on probation" for the Deploraball, which was never the case.

Stretching out a banner in front of the World Bank

On the way to the IMF and World Bank from the White House

The march from a high spot

Some of the right-wingers at the starting rally, in blue "stealth" MAGA hats

MAGA hatted phone videographers

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