Controversy erupts as yuppie dog walkers invade Howard University

White Man says on FOX News that Howard University should move 19 sec

In recent weeks, white dog walkers from nearby condos have been literally shitting on parts of Howard University deemed sacred space by some students. Meanwhile, African-American dog walkers from neighborhoods near Howard generally do NOT walk their dogs at Howard according to the Washington Post. The hashtag "#HUisNotADogPark" has arisen on Twitter, and the push to remove the yuppie dog walkers from Howard has been tied to the succesful #dontmutedc campaign that restored go-go music to MetroPCS after a resident of the upscale Shay effectively ordered it stopped.

One of the nearby wealthy residents has gone so far as to claim that the entire Howard University campus is what should be moved. This Twitter post is a repost of a FAUX News story about the upscale resident claiming to have been in the neighborhood longer than some of the students, and that the campus thus should move. HU has been there since 1867, when there were no condos in DC or anywhere else. Meanwhile some of the Howard students are asking the dog walkers to relocate literally just across the street to Banneker, which unlike the HU campus is a public park.

One poster on Twitter said "we are literally not taking your crap ANYMORE," implying white dog walkers at Howard may be leaving their dog's turds behind rather than taking the droppings with them as DC law requires. For years in DC, there have been controversies as "New Washingtonians" wanted green spaces to be dog parks while longstanding residents wanted the same spaces as playgrounds for their children. Now the same fight has come to Howard. In a Washington Post article, some HU students said Howard is a place they can relax free of racism-until they see white yuppies with dogs and are reminded of police or even the KKK with dogs at civil rights protests.

This in the end is a "never mind the dog-beware of OWNER" issue, as the dogs are not the ones gentrifying the city. This is about "New Washingtonians" who walk their dogs on green spaces some students regard as sacred and do not themselves walk on, and also about some oif them who when jogging at HU demand that African-American students get out of their way, screaming "on your left" at the top of their lungs. In other words, "New Washingtonians" jogging at Howard are now literally asking Black people to get out of their way on the sidewalk.

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