False Venezualan "Ambassador" Carlos Vecchio leaves Embassy in defeat

On May 1st, defenders of the Embassy of Venezuala won a major victory over Guaido's "Ambassador" Carlos Vecchio. Vecchio expected the SS to storm the building and hand it over to he and his staff. That did NOT occur on May 1, though the risk of it remains with the SS citing a "process." He tried to give a speech to his supporters, only to flee in defeat and disgrace after being shouted down by the defenders of the beseiged Embassy of Venezuala.

There was an ugly side note to Carlos Vecchio's visit to the Venezualan Embassy: earlier in the day, a single Guaido supporter slipped into the building and trashed the room he locked himself into before being expelled from the building. He was later seen alongside Carlos Vecchio, apparently as part of his "security" team. Some have said the vandalism he committed in his country's embassy is but a sample of what Juan Guaido and his thugs have in store for the entire country.

Under international law, the only "process" the Secret Service could use to hand the Embassy over to the US-backed insurgents attacking Venezuala starts with a successful coup at home. Only after the coup plotters gain control of the Venezualan government and become the "government of the day" can they gain legal title to government assets such as embassies. All embassies are considered the sovereign territory of the countries they represent, meaning the laws of Venezuala and NOT of the US apply inside the embassy. For the Secret Service to storm the embassy over the objection of the government existing in Venezuala on the day of the raid is thus considered an invasion of Venezualan territory and can even be considered an act of war.

False "Ambassador" Carlos Vecchio on right (in circled part of image) with the man who broke into the embassy and vandalized an office to his left, apparently as part of his security detail. Photo cropped and edited from Max Blumenthal photo

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