Coup supporters beat and choke activist attempting food delivery to beseiged Embassy of Venezuala, power cut off

Update May 8: Power cut off to Embassy, Secret Service and utility workers seen entering manholes, raising fears that water would be cut off too. Several arrests of supporters outside. The US does to the embassy what they do to Venezuala

Video from ground level of assault originally posted to Twitter by Max Blumenthal 47 sec

Silent video from overhead of coup supporters choking an activist trying to deliver food originally posted to Twitter by Alex Rubenstein 2 min 20 sec

Early morning on the 8th of May, activists supporting the Embassy Protection Collective attempted to deliver food to the besieged defenders of the Embassy of Venezuala. Supporters of US backed, self-declared Venezualan "President" Juan Guaido and his failed coup attempt beat and choked at least one of the activists trying to deliver food. They also used bright lights in an attempt to block anyone from getting video or photos of their violence.

Both of these videos show the violent assault on the same activist from two different positions. The overhead video does not show the face of the person choked, while the chokehold took place out of view of the street level video camera.

The defenders of the beseiged Embassy of Venezuala have responded on the evening of May 8 to the illegal power cutoffs and the attempts to block food delivery by reaffirming their commitment to hold the Embassy come hell or high water (or no water, or no electricity.)

Code Pink has warned that if the Embassy of Venezuala in Washington DC falls, the government of Venezuala will probably take over the US Embassy in Caracas. It is unlikely there will be power or water there for long at this point. Tit-for-tat has long been the rule in dealing with violations of embassies or harassment of diplomats, but in this case it may well lead to war. Trump proposes to invade Venezuala outright, and a storming of the US Embassy in Caracas might be the excuse he is waiting for.

Links to the original Twitter posts of the same video files:

Later the same day: pigs backing utility workers cut off power, enter manholes. Water then shut off in violation of DC law prohibiting water cutoffs to paying customers. Photo by Alex Rubenstein

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