AlloutDC announces schedule for July 6 anti-Fascist mobilization

Basic details as announced at the press conference 2 min 47 sec

Update July 3: Mike Cernovich drops out of fascist rally

Update July 4: Another speaker quits, claiming cocaine use by Proud Boys as reason

At a press conference on the 2nd of July, AllOutDC announced that on July 6 there would be a mobilization at 10AM at Pershing Sq Park, hip-hop and go-go bands there at 11:30AM, and a Block the alt-right action at 6PM. Over 44 alt-right speakers will be on Freedom Plaza beginnng 11AM, guarded by over 100 Proud Boys plus MPD, Park Police, and Secret Service.

An early victory was also announced: that the Spy Museum has kicked the alt-right's "VIP event" out so the fascists must find another venue for their evening gala if they still can.

One of the panelists cited the history of US police departments originally organized as slave patrols and to this day enforcing white supremacy as the reason organizers do NOT trust the police to keep Black and Brown communities safe while the alt-right is in town. One local resident urged anyone living in NE or SE to keep an eye out for packs of white people who look like alt-right members (Proud Boys most likely) who might invade their communities with the intention of starting fights.

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