Protesters disrupt, blockade, attempt to storm "Christian Zionist" convention

HD Video-protesters surge past police barricades to blockade front door, bonus footage of inside disruption 3 min 19 sec

On the 8th of July, the so-called "Christian Zionist" group Christians United for Israel or CUFI held their convention at the Washington Convention Centers. Small teams of protesters got inside, disrupting VP Mike Pence (an infamous Christian Dominionist) and other speakers. Outside, protesters marched on the building and tried to enter via the more weakly-defended rear entrance. When that failed the doors were blocked and at times windows pounded on. Hours later, protesters marched to the front doors and got past police barricades, stopping at the locked front doors.CUFI's executive board includes John Hagee, as CUFI's own website trumpets. Hagee has been called anti-Semitic for his 2008 remarks claiming the Holocaust was a tool of God to force Jews to leave Europe and migrate to Palestine to establish the State of Israel. Huffington Post report w audio.Many Christian Zionists are interested in Israel because they believe Jerusalem must be in Jewish hands for the Second Coming to occur. This is known as dispensationalism, and John Hagee himself is a dispensationalist. Many dispensationalists believe a wholesale conversion of Jews to Christianity will occur after the Second Coming, and there are rumors of darker prophecies.Vice President Pence is himself known to be a "Christian Dominionist" or believer that the Bible and the Constitution are or should be of equal weight in determining the laws of the US. He was one of the keynote speakers at CUFI, but did NOT speak unopposed. One of the speakers at the protest said they had been inside when Pence spoke and shouted him down before being forcibly removed from the building. Pence's presence here follows in the footsteps of Jerry Falwell, who once sat on CUFI's executive board. During his speech, Pence blustered threats against Iran, presumably on behalf of his boss Donald Trump. It has in fact been argued that Trump should not be impeached because Pence is licking his chops at the thought of taking the White House for himself.There are only two political philosophies to the right of Fascism and Naziism: monarchism and theocracy. Pence and many other CUFI attendees are theocrats, cut from the same cloth as Daesh (ISIS) save for the name they worship their god under.

Blockading the L st entrance to the Washington Convention Center after an initial attempt to gain entry here

Protesters surge past police barricades to the front door

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