"Lights for Liberty" vigil protests border concentration camps, proposed raids

HD Video featuring the speaker describing conditions imposed on a mother and premature baby in a border camp 2 min 23 sec

On the 12 of July, "Lights for Liberty" protests were held from coast to coast against Trump's concentration camps on the border and the threatened ICE raids. Here in DC, the American Federation of Teachers sent a feeder march, and the DC Bike Party stopped by, with most riders dismounting and walking past in solidarity. Comparisons were made my many protesters to Hitler's camps, Trump too being considered a fascist.

A speaker at the rally (on video) described horrific conditions in a camp she had managed to visit, focussing on a detained mother and her premature baby who got no help from anyone until she went to the media.

That same night, CNN release horrific video from one of the concentration camps, with adult men crammed into cages so densely that they could not all lie down at once, and a "strong stench of urine" reported. Access to showers and any kind of soap, toothpaste, or other hygienic supplies has been reported denied by other sources and again by CNN. Children complained about having to not eat because they were too embarassed to use toilets in full view of everyone else. It is no wonder people are dying in these camps.

One of several signs referencing the Nazi Holocaust and that round of camps

"Never again" means NOW!

The vigil shortly before 9PM

Most DC Bike Party riders dismount and walk past the vigil in solidarity.

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