ICE agents spotted "canvassing" Van Dorn and Sanger neighborhood

On the 15th of July, ICE (Trump's racial purity police) were seen "canvassing" the area of Van Dorn and Sanger in Alexandria, VA. They may have captured one person but disappeared no more than an hour after their presence was publicized on social media. Surely they had many more targets, but may have been scared away by potential community response once their presence was publicized.

Donald Trump's fearmongering and frank terrorism against migrants have created a great deal of anger. On the 14th of July, the announced ICE raids in major cities such as Baltimore were nowhere to be seen. City governments in many cases had vowed to resist the raids and deny them any kind of police support. That means if these mayors are true to their word, ICE agents could have had to face a major urban uprising alone in a city. The only known exception was San Diego.

With frank talk of concentration camps, nonwhite majorities in big city target neighborhoods, and Trump telling everyone just when to be at their peak of readiness and alertness, ICE may well have decided to prioritize seeing the sun rise again on Monday over racial purity and called off the big city raids. Unfortunately the events of San Diego and Alexandria imply this protection may be effective only in the big sanctuary cities. At any rate, activists and rapid response networks are staying on high alert until this threat is confirmed to be all the way gone.

REPORT ICE activity

The only warrants that allow anyone to break down your door and enter by physical force look like this sample warrant. It MUST be signed by a judge to be valid.

If someone at your door produces a "warrant" that looks like this, it is entirely legal to lock your doors and deny them entry. It is signed by an ICE agent, NOT a judge. Lock the doors, call the Hotline

Common lies told by ICE agents. NEVER open your doors to them, never speak to them-no matter what they try to tell you.

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