Amazon's contract with Palantir/ICE earns Jeff Bezos a protest at his HOUSE

On Amazon Prime Day the 16th of July, protesters descended on the home of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. They carried mock Amazon Prime delivery boxes loaded with petitions demanding Amazon drop their DHS/Palantir contract which has caused thousands of deportations. The petition boxes changed Amazon's smile to a well-earned frown.

Mijente's "Who’s Behind ICE?" report found some ugly truths about Palantir's data mining software, which runs on AmazonAWS servers:

“These systems accumulate unprecedented amounts of personal and private information and enable the rapid expansion of information-sharing capabilities among city, state, and regional law enforcement agencies, as well as some foreign governments, for the purpose of finding, deporting, and detaining immigrants”

In other words, Amazon is helping ICE use cellphone records, driving and motor records, social media posts and accouts, and even utility bills and property data to find migrants. Once found, migrants are at risk of ending up in one of Trumps' concentration camps, many run by other private businesses like GEO Group. There is an exceptionally ugly precedent for that in concentration camps: Auschwitz was privately owned by I.G. Farben, from which Bayer and many other German pharmaceutical companies descend. Thus, Amazon is in the role of the typists and keypunch operators without which the SS could never have managed the Holocaust.

Chase Carter photo of security guards kicking the petition boxes into the street.

Chase Carter photo of the scene in front of the home of Jeff Bezos

Another view from an unknown poster on Twitter

Chase Carter photo of the march to the home of Jeff Bezos, clearly showing the "Amazon Frown" petition boxes

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