Extinction Rebellion blockades Capitol Hill tunnels with superglued protests

HD Video: Superglued blockaders hold tunnel entrance 2 min 4 sec

On the 23rd of July, with the the Sanders/Cortez climate emergency resolution going nowhere, Extinction Rebellion returned to Capitol Hill. Multiple teams converged on the tunnels connection House office buildings to the US Capitol.

They arrived all at once and as the commotion started it quickly became clear that protesters had superglued themselves across the access doors to at least one tunnel. There were 17 reported arrests(prior report was 16), but the blockades held for over two hours.

The blockades were set to deny tunnel access to the US Capitol for a 6:30PM vote, and members of the House were seen going outdoors to get to that vote.

About 20 minutes into the blockades, cops advanced on the support team, reading out warnings rapid-fire as though intending to arrest not only blockaders but all of the supporters. This raised the specter of possible police plans to remove blockaders requiring privacy as in to conceal abuse. An Indymedia reporter who slipped out of that potential kettle spotted a firetruck parked outside the Rayburn building. It is possible that firetruck brought a crew more familiar with superglue "emergencies" than police, who acted at first like the had no idea whatsover what to do about protesters with their hands glued to the building.

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