Mueller's testimony draws Kremlin Annex protesters to White House

In recent months Wednesdays have not normally been one of the days the Kremlin Annex/impeachment protesters are in front of the White House, but with much of the US riveted on Mueller's testimony before Congress, they made a special appearance on July 24. About halfway through the protest, the SS closed Penn Ave-and the Park Police then told them they could not protest in Lafayette Sq either for lack of a different permit.

From 8:16PM when the Secret Service declared the park closed until shortly before 9PM, no motorcade appeared at the White House. It's possible one appeared later, but these closures often occur at rather "convenient" times for Trump.

As for Mueller's testimony, in all the hours of questions, two key items stood out: he said his findings did NOT exonorate Trump-and that Trump could face criminal charges after he leaves office. The stakes just went up for the 2020 election, which may well be the second election in a row featuring at least one candidate promising to jail his or her opponent.This would be fitting justice for Trump's "Lock her up!" attacks on the very process that supposedly put him in office.

Scene in front of the White House shortly before the street closure

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