Open City cafe fires server for objecting to Trump pin, Trumpers threaten arson anyway

Back on July 26, a Texas tourist showed up at the Open City cafe at Washington National Cathedral with a pro-Trump "Keep America Great" pin. A server objected to this racist message, the tourist demanded a refund and got it. Afterwards the server was fired for expressing their free speech over this racist pin. Not satisfied with the firing, Trump supporters have been threatening to burn the cafe to the ground.

The cafe is in the Old Baptistry building, which of course would be destroyed by the threatened arson fire. While Trump supporters freely threaten to burn down buildings and alt-right sympathisers drive hundreds of miles to massacre Latinx shoppers in El Paso, Trump and Cruz seek to declare anti-Fascists to be terrorists instead of their own friends. The torches of hate did not ignite by spontanious combustion.

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