Climate Strike blockades dozens of roads, AM rush hour reduced to chaos

HD video: what worked and what did not in the Shut Down DC climate protests 6 min 13 sec

On the 23ed of September, a wide variety of climate activists groups set street blockades all over DC and in all four quadrants, blocking many of those who can afford to pay $20+ a day to park from getting to jobs at places like corporate lobbying firms and Trump's climate change-denying government.

Demands of the Shut Down DC/Climate Strike DC protests were as follows, taken from

"The coalition’s demands include a Green New Deal that brings about a swift and just transition to 100% renewable energy. It also wants governments to protect at least 50% of the world’s lands and oceans, and to halt deforestation by 2030. The coalition is also calling for climate justice for everyone. The transition to a clean future must boost rather than further harm communities hit by poverty and pollution."

Also from the same site, coalition members were listed as 198 Methods, 350 DC, Backbone Campaign, Beyond Extreme Energy, Black Lives Matter DMV, Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund, Code Pink, Extinction Rebellion DC, Friends of the Earth Action, Friends Meeting in Washington Social Concerns Committee, Labor Network for Sustainability, Metro DMV Democratic Socialists of America, Movement for a People’s Party, Rising Tide North America, Sunrise Movement DC, and Werk for Peace

14th and C SW: Cops tow Rising Tide's blockade van with protesters still locked to the roof and secured only by one arm

A blockade at ICE supported by keeping the cops busy with the hard/technical blockades

Extinction Rebellion used a sailboat on a trailer with flat tires and locked-on activists to block 16th and K. Same tactic as used in London

Other side of the sailboat as cops wage a long, tough struggle to defeat at least one steel armored lockbox

Same oil lobbyists who could not get to work were warned of a more permanent solution later

A steel lockbox on the boat that took the cops hours to cut through

The dumpster fire on 18th st and the Fire Brigade behind it (cropped from twitter photo by Kelsey G)

Popular Resistance photo of the Fire Brigade at 18th and Mass Ave

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