ShutDown DC stages followup climate strike march in AM rush hour

Video-the march at Trump Hotel(w impeachment call) and Wells Fargo(w indigenous speaker) 5 min 33 sec

On Sep 27, the same climate protesters who shut down the previous monday's AM rush hour returned to the streets for a followup march. With the US government and major corporations having done nothing after the climate strike, they needed a reminder.

The march stopped at four targets: BlackRock(funder of Amazon fires clearing land for plantations), Trump's fake "EPA," Trump Hotel, and pipeline-funding Wells Fargo. At Trump Hotel, Trump was called the "climate denier in chief" before a speaker called for his impeachment to cheers from the crowd. This was followed by a dance party on Penn Ave in front of the hotel, with the combination of the protest and the cops blocking all entry to or exit from Trump Hotel by car or bus.

At Wells Fargo protesters rushed to the door with a banner for a surprise blockade of the bank. Cops slipped in behind them, and the blockade was withdrawn but protesters stayed on-scene while the cops themselves effectively became the blockade. Not one customer was seen attempting to approach the bank. Finally marchers departed, ending at Frankin Square and dispersing from there.

At Wells Fargo, an Indigenous woman give a furious speech about Wells Fargo's funding for the Keystone XL pipeline which again threatens her community. She condemned the the pipeline and oilfield man camps which bring sexual harassment, rape, and outright disappearance to Indigenous women, who some of the more racist oilfield workers apparently see as game they can hunt. Finally she called out the State of MD for taking away custody of her young son and handing him to an abusive former partner on no more grounds than their racist disapproval of a traditional Native American lifestyle. All of this is being funded by banks such as Well Fargo that pay for extraction projects on Indigenous land. Wells Fargo has been a famous enemy of Indigenous communities since the days of trespassing stagecoaches being stopped by bands of warriors.

Climate Strikers held a dance party in front of Trump Hotel

AM rush hour at 12th and Constitution

The scene in front of pipeline-funding Wells Fargo

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