Anniversary of Kashoggi's dismemberment murder earns day of protest at Saudi Embassy

Video: Code Pink denounces Saudi Arabia as "terror state, NBC journalist warns media "is watching" Saudis 35 sec

The 2nd of October was the anniversary of the brutal murder and dismemberment of Saudi/Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoggi in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Once in daytime and a second time after dark, protesters showed up at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia demanding that Crown Prince Mohommad Bin Salman be held responsible for this crime. Trump has done nothing to condemn this crime, no doubt wishing he too could butcher unfriendly journalists.

Even MD Congressman Jaime Raskin showed up, speaking at the evening candlelight vigil about "Saudi tyranny." Mohommad Bil Salman (MBS, the crown prince) is the next King of Saudi Arabia, and most US and other intelligence agencies have concluded he at least approved if not directly ordered the attempted abduction and resulting murder of Jamal Kashoggi. Nobody in Saudi Arabia would dare attempt such an act without royal approval, as they would literally risk their own neck in doing so. Still the United States does nothing, and keeps right on buying Saudi Arabia's blood-contaminated oil. As for Trump, he too thinks he is King, with absolute power. MBS really IS the next (and for all practical purposes current) King of Saudi Arabia, at least until the people of his country get fed up with absolute monarchy and roll out the guillotine for the full "1789 solution."

One of the protesters at the first protest pointed out that the murder of Jamal Kashoggi forced the western press to care about human rights violations and murder by Saudi Arabia, finally forcing coverage of the over one million people killed by Saudi bombing, disease, and starvation in Yemen. The Saudis cannot claim the necessities of war as a reason for their indiscriminate bombing of schools and hospitals in Yemen. That's because the precision, pinpoint drone/cruise missile attack that knocked out half of Saudi Arabia's ability to export oil did no reported collateral damage whatsoever. Had a single person not employed at that oil facility gotten so much as a scratch or a blister, the Saudis would have been screaming before the world about indiscriminate and/or careless bombing.

The daytime protest at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Late in the evening vigil

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