US Chair of Syrian Democratic Council condemns Trump's greenlight for Turkish invasion at WH rally

Video: entire speech given by US chair of Syrian Democratic Council

On the 8th of October, Kurdish protesters and antifascists gathered at the White House to condemn Trump's apparent green light to Turkish fascist Erdogen's plans to invade Northern Syria. The US Chair of Syrian Democratic Council spoke at the rally, warning that the Syrian Democratic Forces, YPG, and YPFJ are holding 70,000 ISIS detainees. An invasion from Turkey could force their release or Erdogen might liberate them outright.

While no direct threat to dump Kurdistan's Daesh(ISIS) sewage in Trump's lap was made, the implication was clear: an invasion from Turkey could free ISIS terrorists to attack people all over the world. The YPG, YPJ, and Syrian Democratic Forces simply don't have the troops or the equipment to simultainously fight a defensive war against Turkey(or worse an insurgency against Turkish occupation troops) and continue to contain that hornet's nest of defeated but still hard-core ISIS fighters and supporters who were captured after the last terrority held by the "Unislamic State" collapsed.

Thus, a Turkish attack on Northern Syria is a direct security threat to any nation and any social group that has ever been attacked by Daesh or threatened by attack by them. If the world does not care about an impending genocide of the Kurdish people by the theocratic Erdogen regime in Turkey, they had better care about direct threats to their own security unleashed by the same invasion.

As for Trump, there is considerable suspicion that his phone call to Turkish president Erdogen announcing he would pull the last few US troops out of the way of the invasion may have contained a quid pro quo. It is suspected that Trump is asking Erdogen to investgate Biden or another political opponent in return for a free hand to invade Northerm Syria. If this leads to terrorist attacks here by freed ISIS detainees, well, a few terror attacks are usually good for the GOP at any election.

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