Kurds and antifascists protest again at White House vs Turkey's bombing

Video w stirring background music 1 min 21 sec

On the 12th of October, members of the Kurdish community supported by area anti-Fascist activists once again gathered at the White House to condemn Turkey's terror bombing and Trump's greenlight for a Turkish invasion of Kurdish portions of Northern Syria(part of Kurdistan is in Syria).

There are reports Trump may crack on this issue, as almost all other parts of the US government oppose the abandonment of the Kurds to genocide at the hands of Turkey. In the Washington Post on Oct 12, one of the top stories was a report that Kurdish troops are pulling back from guarding an estimated 70,000 Daesh (ISIS) detainees. If the 11,000 former (and maybe future) Daesh fighters in those camps escape, the regional victory against Daesh may well be forfeited as they restablish their so-called "caliphate." Protesters at the White House bluntly warned that ISIS may be coming back due to this war and the expected escape of the ISIS fighters.

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