Wet'su'weten solidarity protest held inside building housing TC Energy's DC office

Video of protest inside TC Energy's building in DC 2 min 17 sec

On the 27th of February, supporters of the Wet'su'weten First Nations people resisting the Coastal Gaslink pipeline protested inside the lobby of the office building housing TC Energy's(formerly TransCanada's) DC lobbying office.

Activists attempted to deliver an eviction notice on behalf of the Wet'su'weten hereditary chiefs to TC Energy. Security claimed nobody from DC Energy was in the office, this was presumed to be a lie.

This protest was also in solidarity with the Indigenous and other allies of the Wet'su'weten who have blockaded railroads throughout so-called "Canada" and shut down most rail traffic (grain included) even in the face of militarized threats from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On top of all else, TC Energy is also still trying to build the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in both so-called "Canada" and the so-called "United States."

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