Kremlin Annex protesters still at H st to avoid paid sound permit requirement

On the 5th of March, the Kremlin Annex protesters were out again, this time with their lighted letters condemning Trump for minimizing the covid-19 coronavirus mess. Due to the Park Service's recent demands for a PAID sound permit, they were again on the H St sidewalk.

Any demand for "pay to play" protest permits is beyond intolerable, and the Kremlin Annex protesters are to be commended for retreating to H st rather than holding fundraiser after fundraiser to pay for a permit whose acceptance would have created a dangerous legal precendent for restriction all other protest. For over two years Trump demanded that something, anything be done to remove the "embarassing and noisy" pro-impeachment Kremlin Annex protesters from in front of the White House.

While the more general NPS proposal to limit protest permits and require money for them has apparently been sunk, NPS is now demanding money for "amplified sound" permits on Penn Ave in front of the White House at least for the Kremlin Annex if not for other groups. Eventually they will mess with the wrong people and face the legal fury of someone like the Partnership for Civil Justice. When that happens, money will flow in the other direction and Park Service bureaucrats should expect to fork money over to those they hate the most.

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