Coronavirus cases reported at CPAC, AIPAC

Update March 9:Senators Ted Cruz and Paul Goser in self-quarantine after CPAC

For a long time both AIPAC and CPAC have spread hate and violence. This year, it seems they may have spread something else too. The Washington Post has reported two positive test results for the COVID-19 coronavirus at last week's AIPAC convention, and a third from the Feb 26-28 CPAC convention.

The Washington Post spilled much ink on Sun, March 8 emphasizing that Trump and Pence were supposedly nowhere near the known person testing positive for COVID-19 coronavirus at CPAC. Contrary to the Washington Post's report, some are claiming on Twitter that a CPAC organizer who himself interacted with the positive-testing person shook hands with Donald Trump the following day.

The Trump/Pence administration needs to be quarantined anyway-for recklessly spreading hate and violence into the community at large. The protocol for quarantining "hate virus" cases is as follows: isolate known cases until symptoms are no longer present. Unlike a virus quarantine, both physical and electronic isolation are normally required in hate cases.

As for the coronavirus, it has been reported (again this was picked up by the Washington Post) to have split into two strains. The less common strain is the one causing the most severe cases, but as severe illness tends to keep people home it is being outcompeted by a second strain that reportedly causes only minor illness.

It is also reported 30 GW students attended AIPAC. None of the students have faced the ugly quarantines some elsewhere have been subjected to. Persons at risk from side effects of coronavirus quarantines (e.g. those who cannot stockpile two weeks worth of food or who face eviction if they give up two week's paychecks) should avoid living or staying in New York, where the health department is sending goons (with power of arrest but usually no weapons) to "spot check" that people under home quarantine are actually staying home, with monetary fines for those not found. Not stated is how they intend to collect these fines when people simply refuse to pay.

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