"Hogan's Zeroes" make 15,000 stay at home compliance police checks in MD

On the 7th of April, MD Governor Hogan's spokesman Mike Ricci brazenly tweeted that cops in MD have made 15,000 "compliance checks" related to Gov Hogan's stay at home order, made 14 arrests,and issued 665 warnings. Over 50 of the warnings went to MD residents at their homes. This is heavy-duty "health Fascism" well beyond events in other states, and related more to power than to actual virus concerns.

Mike Ricci's remarks have also been reported by WTOP Radio at https://wtop.com/coronavirus/2020/04/coronavirus-updates-dc-maryland-vir... so this is not something MD's own rumor control website can later attempt to deny even if the tweets are later deleted.

Governor Hogan appears to be attempting to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to catapult himself to national prominance in the Republican Party. He is doing this even as other members of his same poltiical party are planning a Saturday, April 11 protest on the National Mall against any and all stay-at-home orders.

This kind of power play by politicians rather than the virus itself is why the author of this article left MD on the 30th of March before Hogan's order could go into effect and has not returned.

If Hogan wanted to reduce dangerous coronavirus clusters in MD, he could start by releasing prisoners in state prisons and ordering counties to release prisoners trapped in county jails as well. People trapped behind prison walls are often immunosupressed by the extreme stress and and are held by armed force and violence in close quarters. An outbreak of any disease in any jail or prison can spread like fire in a tinder-dry forest. Instead of releasing prisoners however, MD Governor Hogan has arrested 14 more people over the virus, literally feeding people to the coronavirus to burnish his reputation.

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