"Wellness check" and enforcement patrols going door to door in Montgomery County neighborhood

I currently live in  Maryland and an experience I had on April 10, 2020 underscored exactly how invasive the lengths to ensure compliance with the current stay at home order (to halt the spread of the coronavirus has become.

I was outdoors cleaning up the front yard, when a blue/gray compact vehicle passed this house the third time. I wondered if the driver were lost. Two men with some kind of uniform pin on their shirts were in the front seat. Two women also with badges were in the back. They walked fairly close to the house and I warned them I had neither mask or gloves.

They kept their distance. I was asked a series of questions
Woke up to the news that my brother in NC got slapped with a fine for being out without a mask with a cluster of men. The fine was $50
The neighbor who ratted him out gets money for getting him out.

I heard  NY was employing ratting penalty which the ACLU protested.
Under the guise of a wellness check, two uniformed "neighborhood advisory members" with 2 women came to see whether I or my neighbor had important jobs that would take us outside the neighborhood. "Your name doesn't appear on the service list for neighbors getting groceries yet. You say you get groceries just fine. How is that possible?" I explained community mutual aid. "Do you have any underlying health problems that make your more susecptable to the virus? Should wellness check be done often to make sure you haven't contracted anything?"

All four workers climbed back into their car and drove off. There is more than one way I could look at this as an activist (and do) My freedom to move around at will is being affected by the fear that this virus will spread through my moving around. However who' s more qualified to determine what's essential or necessary than I am?

Do I really believe that this micro managing and manipulating the lives of myself and others will magically stop as soon as the pandemic does?
No I don't. I think we are seeing the beginnings of very deep state survelliance and it should scare everyone. The second less wary thing would be " big brother just wants us safe" Do I believe that for a second? No I don't. Any aid we can provide for one another lessens our dependence on a very hostile system.

Yikes!! I am beginning to feel like I'm in an Orson Wells book

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