Nurses protest at White House for Personal Protective Equipment

Video cropped from National Nurses United Twitter video(vertical) 2 min 20 sec

On the 21st of April, National Nurses United read out the names of nurses who have died in the fight against the zoonotic COVID-19 coronavirus. They were protesting being literally sent into battle with little or no armor, and demanding that Trump ensure that US industry produced enough masks and protective gear for them.

The only major steps trump has taken on ramping up production of ANYTHING used against the coronavirus seem to be circus stunts such as seizing a shipment of N95 respirators shipped by 3M to German police, and threatening to block shipments to Canada even as Canada ships other supplies needed against the coronavirus to the US. He has NOT ordered that production of automobiles be replaced with production of ventilators, nor ordered that production of say, the 2020 fall fashions be replaced with production of masks that can literally mean life and death for nurses. For those attempting to make war on a virus, masks are armor and ventilators are weapons comparable perhaps to air defense systems. US corporations have put profit aside in the name of defeating a common threat before, from 1942-1945,during WWII.

Now, Trump fiddles while the coronavirus and personal freedom alike burn (as well as the climate and everything else). First he calls for businesses to be shut down over the virus, then he calls for protests against his OWN policies.

Still cut from National Nurses United's Twitter video

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