Arrests and unarrests as George Floyd protest forces White House to lock down

Video: The march, the unarrest, the crowds at the White House 4 min 12 sec

On the 29th of May, a massive march from 14th and U descended on Trump's White House to protest the police murder of George Floyd (neck-in knee/I can't breathe)in Minneapolis. As the action kicked off, police attempted to make arrests, but their first arrest ended with police surrounded by the crowd and having to release their prisoner in order to escape. There were other arrests later, and mainstream media reported the White House had to lock down. Trapped reporters wrote stories about the protests.

At one point in the evening protesters left the White House to march on Trump Hotel and the US Capitol, but as of midnight there were reports of more fighting in front of the White House. There were reports of a kettling attempt and pepper spray, but to no avail as protesters repeatedly returned.

The previous night, the 3ed Precinct police station in Minneapolis (home of the killer cops) was burned down by protesters. On the 29th police cars were burned by protesters in Atlanta, and there is a report that CNN's headquarters has been targeted for some form of direct action. There is also a report that the 88th precinct in Brooklyn (NYC) was heavily beseiged protesters and considerable damage done. Reports are unclear as to whether the station itself was taken, with some reports saying it was "overrun" and others saying no protesters managed to enter the building by force. Earlier on the 29th, the cop who killed George Floyd with a knee in the neck was arrested for murder and manslaughter(for getting caught that is...), but protesters are demanding the charges be upgraded to first degree murder and applied to the other three cops in the case.

After months of exploitation of the coronavirus by politicians to grow their own power followed by outright police murders in multiple jurisdictions, the streets have suddenly exploded and people are not taking half measures anymore. People in the street tonight mean business, and if the politicans and developers want war they've got it. Not since Charlottesville have things been this hot,and probably not since J20 on a continent-wide scale. In an extremely unusual development, the Pentagon has reported put MP's at Ft Bragg on notice to be ready to deploy to Minneapolis on 4 hours notice. Surely they are not the only people preparing to do exactly that.

Same Video as above on Liveleak in case Secret Service harasses Archive into taking it down 4 min 12 sec

Furious crowd at Trump's White House

Bank of America building gets a paint job after part of crowd pushed in that direction (photo by Lacy)

Marchers on their way to the White House

Crowd after the successful unarrest

Late night action in front of the White House, note that White House main security lights appear to be on in this photo (photo by Sarthak)

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