Police gas and kettle peaceful protesters on 4th day of George Floyd protests

Video-scenes from before the attack, and CNN's clip of the gas attack 2 min 48 sec

During the day on the 1st of June, peaceful protesters "took a knee" and otherwise protested the murder of George Floyd and so many others by police. Just after Mayor Bowser's 7PM curfew, cops attacked with tear gas, shields, and sticks to split the crowd-so Donald Trump could cross H st on foot to give a speech at St John's Church.

Police attacks turned into swirling chaos and at least two kettles but protesters held firm for hours in the face of unrelenting attack. There is an UNCONFIRMED report that white kids were photographed being let go at one of the two kettles, while cameras cut away from people of color at the police line there. It is reported that people were loaded into vans at at least one kettle. CNN footage shows the tear gas attack used to clear the way for Trump's speech at St John's.

Trump is threatening to use Federal troops directly against protesters, basically threatening to escalate this on his own initiative to a direct fight between communities of color plus the entire Left vs the US military. Note that Donald Trump has been calling for force and violence against protesters since the beginning of his 2016 campaign for President. The sort of escalation we are seeing from him now could blow the entire country apart as people on all sides of the spectrum choose sides and mobilize.

This is the second time in just 2 1/2 months there has been talk of martial law in the US, the first time being over the pandemic and quickly abandoned.

An earlier "probing" gas attack came moments after this "taking a knee" moment. The main attack came later

These appear to be the same cops that assaulted and gassed protesters to make way for Trump's speech

This police line at curfew - 1/2 hour appeared to be (possibly by design) an imminent threat of a kettle. Two reports of kettles over an hour later

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