Peaceful George Floyd protest defies curfew for 3ed night in row

Update late night: video on Twitter of cops or troops firing pepper spray, another video shows cops firing rubber bullets first, water bottles thrown in RESPONSE.

The Floyd George protests on June 2 stayed peaceful as the police did not choose to start a fight this time around. Trump's choice to gas protesters just so he could walk across H st stunned the world and may have cost him a great deal of cooperation from Mayor Bowser and MPD.

As protests ramped up for the fifth day in a row, the presence of National Guard troops in "traffic management" positions and the high fence around Lafayette Square created a "J20 in June" atmosphere at times. Indeed this felt like the opening days of 2017, right down to the kettles and estimated 300 arrests on the previous night. Even more than J20, the atmosphere at about 5PM reminded the author of the Jan 21, 2017 Women's March. The crowd appeared to be perhaps four times as many as had turned out on June 1.

Just when it seemed the June 2 protest would fizzle out, a big march returned and reinforced the protest. A later march through the streets safely made it back to the White House staging area as well. Reports on Twitter of police setting up blocking positions on 16th and 14th sts may or may not have been true or intended to be true. Three accounts on Twitter have been found to originate a huge quantity of disinformation about the DC protests for Floyd George.

Unable to strike at protesters with armed force, Trump supporters seem to have been limited to using fake twitter accounts to spread bluffing theats and outright lies. The curfew they may have forced Mayor Bowser to adopt has been a complete failure, as the majority of violence at the previous night's protests occurred after curfew and may in fact have resulted from attempts to enforce the curfew.

Protesters in DC and elsewhere have achieved the very difficult task of forcing two different arms of policing and imprisonment into fighting each other. Trump and the Federal government are now in an unpopular quagmire of a conflict with state and local governments over the issue of using raw, naked force in an attempt to suppress ALL form of protest. Many politicians (Bowser included) don't want to openly and brazenly invite all their opponents at once to a wrestling match. Gassing thousands of people in the street is associated with things like trench warfare and even Naziism, and that sort of thing is not good for a politician's reputation.

Crowd in front of the White House/ H st nearly an hour after the failed curfew

47 minutes after the failed curfew

Brandon Lopez photo of scene at the White House at 11:30PM, nearly 5 hours after the failed curfew

High fence around Lafayette Sq likely same fence used at J20, might even be same fencing originally purchased for the Fall 2001 IMF protests that were pre-empted by 9-11

National Guard troops in traffic managment positions

Beautiful paintwork added to the US treasury on or before May 31 expresses widepread popular sentiment about cops who think they can literally get away with murder

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