Five Seattle media outlets subpeonaed for raw video/photos of protests

On the 31st of May, protests in Seattle included the burning of police cars same as in DC the previous night. Also included was the seizure of two guns from the cops. A month and a half later, a Federal judge issued subpeonas to the Seattle Times and four TV stations for all photos and videos of the protests that night. If they comply, they will have to be treated as police photographers at all subsequent protests.

Alternately, if they burn the subpeonas publicly on the courthouse steps, the resulting "heat" might be more than Trump can handle and force the court to withdraw the subpeonas. This is exactly what happened in 2018 when an Indymedia reporter received a grand jury subpeona for raw clips and burned the subpeona-it was withdrawn within five minutes.

DC Indymedia journalist Luke Kuhn burns a 2018 grand jury subpeona on the courthouse steps. The Seattle Times and those four TV stations can do this too.

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