Park Police, MPD harass activist house, retreat after drawing 50+ protesters

Video from the scene 1 min 8 sec

On the 5th of October, Park Police showed up at an activist house in DC, claiming to have a warrant against someone who does not live there. Facing a fast-growing crowd of neighbors and rapid-responding activists, the called MPD for backup, but in the end all the cops had to leave, though not before being filmed not wearing masks at close range to other people.

The cops gave up when it became clear they did not have a valid warrant against the house or anyone who actually lived there, though ugly threats were made about getting another warrant.

Also, at almost the same time of day as this ugliness, MPD cruisers were seen parked in front of the front door of a Black Lives matter activist in Anacostia, and at the end of her block. Still another activist who had been released from lockup after being arrested Saturday was REARRESTED while picking up their property, cops claiming to have a new warrant in that case as well. While the general public was focussed on Trump at Walter Reed, area police may have seen an opportunity to harass and attempt to intimidate organizers.

Police draw unexpected opposition during an attempt to visit an activist house

Pigs without masks. COVID terrorists pure and simple

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