Armenians protest for end to US aid to Turkey as bombs fall on their land

Video-Armenians compare Turkey to ISIS(Daesh) 31 sec

On the 8th of October, protesters again filled Black Lives Matter Plaza from H st to I st. This time the Fascist being protested was Turkish dictator Erdogan and most of the protesters were Armenians. Demands were an end to US aid and sanctions against both Turkey and Azerbaijan, which is helping Turkey's efforts to continue their 1915 genocide.

In addition and as backup (Trump is known to support the Erdogan regime in Turkey), protesters were asking the House of Representatives to pass HR 1165, which condemns the coordinated Turkish/Azerbaijani offensive in Nagorno Karabakh and denounces Turkey's interference in what otherwise would be a much smaller war.

As it stands, protesters report that children are having to hide in bomb shelters due to Turkish air power that could not exist without help from the United States.

For their part, in Turkey just to admit to the 1915 Armenian Genocide remains an "offense" for which people can be and ARE sent to prison. Nations that squawk about what happened in 1915 can face trade difficulties from Turkey, and their media censorship is among the most aggressive on the entire planet.

Way back in 2014, Twitter got five times more takedown requests from Turkey than from the second most aggressive censorship regime. Both Twitter and Youtube have cravenly submitted to demands from Turkey to block accounts and content, for fear of Turkey blocking them entirely. Such blocks can be defeated from inside Turkey using Tor (same as in China), but corporate websites cannot then sell ads in Turkey. While Turkish ISP's attempt to block Tor, what are known as "Tor Bridges" make these efforts futile not only in Turkey but in China as well most of the time. This is an arms race between Tor programmers and censors, but Tor usually wins, just as new armor piercing weapons usually defeat new forms of armor. Tor can be thought of as the censorship-piercing Internet service.

If that isn't enough, Erdogan is regarded by both Armenians and Kurds as having allied his nation with Daesh (ISIS). Thousands of Daesh mercenaries are reported to be fighting against Armenians, and Armenians are charging that Turkey provided these mercenaries with transport and thus presumably safe passage from Syria to Armenian territory. If this is true it is entirely consistant with known Turkish behavior in Kurdistan, where both Daesh and other theocratic groups have acted as proxy forces for Erdogan. With both Kurdistan and Armenia charging Turkey with collaboration with Daesh, it seems where there's smoke there must be fire.

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