Violent Trumpers and Proud Boys returning to DC on Dec 12 for electoral college

The Proud Boys and other violent Trump supporters have announced they are bringing their fights and violence back to DC on the 12th of December. This time their goals are stated as "raze BLM Plaza" and an attempt to pressure the electoral college (meets 2 days later) to toss out the ballets and vote for Trump.

If these unmasked, covid-spreading, knife and gun carrying terrorists are allowed to return to DC, the degree of violence and potential bloodshed they bring could make Nov 14 look like the July 2017 Charlottesville Klan march does compared to the far more violent Aug 12 2017 Unite the Right mess also in Cville. There were assaults all over DC by proud Boys on Nov 14, and when they could not find Antifa or Black Lives Matter activists to chase, their fists and boots thundered down on GLBTQ folks to the accompaniment of slurs.

The 14th of November has already been called "Unite the Right III" both for the level of violence the far-right brought to the streets and for the strong efforts to unify different far-right factions to save Donald Trump's regime. There has also been a Charlottesville-style effort to again promote the false "both sides" narrative peddled by Chump after the deadly Unite the Right riot on Aug 12 2017. Far-right "videographer" Any Ngo has taken a video someone else shot and deceptively cut it to claim Black Lives Matter assaulted a Trump supporters. The full version of that video however shows the alleged victim slapping and punching at many people before his targets decide "enough is enough" and someone takes him down. Similar false "very fine people on both sides" claims are circulating everywhere from Twitter to FOX News.

It is clear that Mayor Bowser and MPD have no interest in preventing ten thousand unmasked far-right activists from places overrun with COVID-19 from renting houses and hotel rooms without any quarantine or testing for the virus. They have minimal interest in controlling the knives and guns carried by these thugs as well. Once again, it will fall to the people of DC to defend themselves from these terrorists, whose true objective may well be to use force and violence to cooerce the Electoral College to throw out the votes and keep Trump in power. That is officially terrorism as defined in US law.

Fortunately, direct militarized cooercion of the Electoral College would be very difficult The Electoral College meets on Dec 14, 2020 in the elector's respective states, who vote and submit their ballots remotely. Thus the March for Trump cannot simply surround them and put them under siege. They can however create images of violence and make threats about "vote for Trump or face us in the streets later" accompanied by threats of outright civil war. This is how terrorists operate. Such threats were made during the Nov 14 march in many ways and places.

The "StormTrumpers" of Nov 14 are coming back

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