FTP March gets heavy police presence, some physical harassment

Video of cops harassing Black man trying to leave at end of march 56 sec, by Black House News

Police reaction to the They/Them "Fuck the Police" march on Jan 30th was a stark contrast to the utter lack of police attention paid to the Jan 29 Patriot Front fascist march just the day before. Hordes of bike cops menaced the march, people were harassed trying to go home afterwards, and there were repeated physical incidents though no apparent arrests.

One of the physical contact incidents involved one of the cops in a line of bike cops deliberately forcing a bike to bike collision with a DC Indymedia videographer's bike, which fortunately was being walked at the time. Had that videographer been in the saddle, both bikes would probably have been damaged. Just yards away another, worse incident started up at nearly the same time on the sidewalk. Even as protesters dispersed, cops kept harassing people. One Black Man was pushed and/or grabbed just for crossing the street trying to go home at the end. In yet another incident cops followed an entire collective, apparently trying to follow them home.

Lots of cops on 18th st during the FTP march. None visible in videos of the previous day's outright Fascist march

A cop tries without success to blind an Indymedia camera.

Lead banner of the march

Shields remind ex-prosecutor Kamela Harris and crime bill author Biden that their past behavior is not acceptable(still from Black House News video)

Another shield calls out cops for letting (other) Fascists control the streets and storm the Capitol on Jan 6 (still from Black House News video)

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