Protesters demand Arlington sever all ties with ICE, as drenching rains fall

On the 10th of June, migrant activists and their allies descended on the Arlington County Government Center just ahead of major storms that dumped 3+ inches of rain. They were there as part of the ongoing campaign to end all cooperation with ICE, in all cases, in all of Northern Virginia.

ICE has become infamous for such horrors as the Farmville detention center in Virginia, where they flew detained migrants from all over the so-called US in June 2020. The real purpose of the flights was to allow ICE agents to fly to DC so they could fight in the streets against racial justice protesters. A "side effect" of the detainee transfers that made these flights legal was a massive covid outbreak that infected the majority of migrants detained in the Farmville concentration camp. Well, that's no surprise from Nazis like ICE.

Telemundo's photo of the rally at the Arlington County Government Center

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