Protesters march on police stations against Gaithersburg police shootings

On the 31st of July, protesters marched through the streets of Gaithersburg, MD for Kwamena Ocran and Ryan Leroux. Kwamena was shot and killed by Gaithersburg police in January, and Ryan shot down in a blizzard of gunfire (24 shots in all) by Montgomery County Police on Friday, July 16.

Protesters assembled first at the headquarters of the Gathersburg police department, where family members and friends of the fallen young men spoke out. Afterwards, protesters moved by motorcade to the Montgomery County Police Department's Gaithersburg headquarters.

During the protest, one undercover cop was spotted in the protest, but no uniformed member of either department showed their face during the march or at the headquarters of the Gaithersburg Police Department. Perhaps they were hiding their faces in shame, as murderers ought to.

Marching on the headquarters of the Gaithersburg police

Protesters at the Gaithersburg police station's headquarters

At the Gaithersburg headquarters of th Montgomery County Police

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