Migrants protest at ICE HQ against Biden's deportations

Video clip originally posted to Twitter by Casa4all 4 sec

On the 10th of August and under intense heat, migrants protested at the headquarters of ICE against deportations that have continued unabated under the Biden regime. Mijante's promo for the rally declared "When it comes to enforcement, ICE & DHS must value people, not priorities/deportation The ICE guidelines MUST be reframed to center human dignity."

The following day, the Washington Post reported that Central American migrants captured on the border are being flown to southern Mexico-and then bussed to a remote villate in Guatamala with no easy transportation to anywhere else. Not much human dignity in Biden's deportations followed by bus rides to an area chosen for difficulty of returning either to the US or to ones country of origin, nor to cooperation between at least three governments to enable this abuse.

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