Climate activists attempt to board up corporate lobbyists front doors

Video-analysis of efforts to board up climate-busting lobbyists in DC 4 min 34 sec

On the 30th of August, climate activists sought to board up and sandbag four notorious corporate lobbying offices, as though a hurricane had hit them. The first target was caught undefended and MPD was late. This was the day after Hurricane Ida smashed into New Orleans, which was exactly 16 years after Katrina.

Since this was a symbolic action and not a heavy direct action, only one board was deployed at each target, and at Crossroads where activists got it onto the door it was simply sandbagged in place rather than fastened with screws or nails. All of the boards were marked the way boards on buildings after Hurricane Katrina were marked: an X to indicate search and rescue has been inside, what was found inside in the bottom of the X, and hazards found ($ in his case) on the right side of the X.

After the successful board-up of the center panel front door at Crossroads Strategy Group, protesters marched on to three more targets, all of this accompanied by a New Orleans style jazz band. Second target in line was the Alpine Group, followed by notorious Enbridge lobbyist Owen Evans Ingols. The final stop was S3 Group, which features sellouts such as former Bernie Sanders chief of staff Michaeleen Crowel. Michaeleen and others like her at S3 now sell themselves to the American Petroleum Institute and other Earth-destroying, climate-denying corporate clients. Their past opens doors that are tightly shut in the faces of known climate enemies like Owen Evans Ingols.Think of S3 as a submarine to Owen Evans Ingols's battleship.

Shortly after the successful operation against Crossroads Strategy Group however, MPD bike cops latched onto the protest. Sometimes they stopped to defend places they only THOUGHT were targets, which came close to allowing activists to get the board over Alpine Group's door in the ritzy 400 N Cap complex that includes so many media outlets which were presumed NOT to be targets. A few cops stayed forward though, so as not to be "burned on the blitz." As a result, the board was installed self-supporting in sandbags a few feet in front of Alpine Group's doors. The last two had to be set up at the property lines on the sidewalk targetting smaller offices in residential-style buildings.

Crossroads Strategies boarded and sandbagged after being caught undefended

Cops barely got to Alpine Group on time, looks like they expected us to hit something about a block to the north instead

Freestanding board supported by sandbags at front line in front of Alpine Group

Bike Cops defend Enbridge lobbyist Owen Evans Ingols

Setting up the board in front of Owen Evans Ingols's property

Protesters at S3 group calling out the sellouts

This board was meant for S3's front door

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