Extreme-right Sean Feucht "Let Us Worship" concert gets tiny turnout

On Sep 11 and 12, Christian evangelical and far-right activist Sean Feucht held one of his "let us worship" concerts on the Mall in DC. His permit called for a maximum of 30,000 attendees, but photos show he got less than 10% of that if even that.

His prior concerts have featured little protection against spreading covid-and in Portland the "security" was provided by the Proud Boys.So close to Sep 18 this event was a matter of serious concern. The keynote speaker was none less than Donald Trump, via a remote link. Thus we had Donald Trump addressing what was supposed to have been a crowd of 30,000 (but may have been a few hundred) just a few blocks from the US Capitol, exactly one week before supporters of the Jan 6 insurrection return to the Capitol in force.

The original function of these concerts was to protest COVID-19 safety restrictions on in-person church services. Such services held indoors when no vaccine existed had serious "super-spreader" potential, but some Fundamentalist Christians either denied the seriousness of the virus (as many still do) or believed their God would protect them , or both.

This is nowhere near 30,000 Christian fundamentalists and MAGAts

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