Climate Strike protests begin again

On the 22nd of October, the youth/student Climate Strike/FridaysForTheFuture protests began again. Here in DC, protesters marched from Union Station to the Capitol, encountering way too many cops there. After the rally there, protesters were set to march to the White House, backing up the five young folks there on hunger strike demanding action on climate chaos and fossil fuels.

In DC as in many cities where these protests are starting back up, students attended with or without "excused absences" or other useless official permissions. Time and again, school authorities have learned the hard way that whether in high school or college, attempting to stop student political activism almost always fails(are you listening Howard University?)

The DC protests started out relatively small compared to some other Climate Strike events around the world the same day, but time will tell if this will mushroom into the weekly series of major protests it was in late 2019 just before the covid pandemic hit.

Way too many bike cops here

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